Meet The Team

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Clara Duke

Clara Duke
Joined The Hair Room team exactly 1 year ago but has been in the hairdressing industry 13 years.
Clara is fully qualified in all aspects of hairdressing including all types of colour, cuts, upstying, product knowledge, extensions etc. There is nothing Clara will shy away from when it comes to hair
This year she was awarded a distinction in her Alfaparf Colour Masters Degree and
Holds both qualifications with Great Lengths and Gold Fever.
Clara's specialty is colour placement, face-framing and blending balayage.
Her Favorite cut is a Bob and favorite product in the salon is Olaplex and Pigments.
Clara is a Gemini her favorite time of year is the Christmas rush.
She spends all of her spare time with her daughter Lyla who is 6.
When she does go out to let her down you can guarantee she will do a legger home after a couple of Southern Comforts.



Aisling Dardis
Our Senior apprentice in the Hair Room.
Ais is apart of our team 14months but is in the hairdressing industry 4years.
She enjoys 12 week blowdries, highlights and choosing colour for each client individually. Aisling loves a challenge and when her client decides a colour change.
The best and most rewarding part of aislings job, in her opinion, is making people happy
Aisling also recently received her qualification with Great Lengths hair extensions bonds and tapes.
Her favourite product in salon is pigments and crystalli liquids.
Aisling is a Virgo and her fave time of year is autumn.
Most weekends you'll find our Aisling in mayo with her pals drinking pink gin and 7up or heading off on city breaks. Ais recently just came home after a week in Prague.
There was an empty place in our salon that week even lots of our clients said they missed her.
No more hols for ais
Our salon would not be the same without her amazing personality and talent.

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Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher
Is the newest member of our Hair Room team.
Kirsty joined us 4 months ago but has been in the hairdressing industry 3 and a half years.
The favorite part of her job is creating soft boho waves and bouncy curly blowdries. Even though she has blown us away with her upstyling skills.
Kirsty gives each client her undivided attention and time they need.
Her favorite product is a mix of style stories blow dry cream and crystalli liquid.
Our Kirsty is a bit of a dark horse she surprises us all the time with her talent and dark sense of humor.
A Gemini her fave time of year is summer and loves spending time with her 2 nieces. Kirsty enjoys the odd vodka and Redbull on a Saturday night.
A pleasure to work with, we see big things for her.
Keep an eye on this one.


Jolene McCarthy

Boss-lady and salon owner

Josie has been in the hairdressing industry 17 years and salon owner of The Hair Room for two years this January
Starting from a room in her mams house to now running her own business in the heart of Blanchardstown.
Jolene is a fully qualified all-rounder in every aspect of hairdressing. Her passion for hair and high standard in quality shows in everything she does.
Her favorite service is creating the perfect blonde that speaks volume which she does so well
Jolene will never jeopardize the condition of anyone's hair while creating a look. Her favorite product in the salon is Olaplex Always.
Our manager is an award-winning stylist with a shelf full of trophies
Jolene has completed her Alfaparf Colour Masters Degree TWICE with distinction (in case she missed anything)
a fully qualified extensionist with Great Lengths 12 years and most recently took on the Gold Fever brand.
Jolene is a Libra her fave time of year is autumn and her drink is Bulmer's light.
In her spare time, you can find Jolene driving her mam bananas with towels (thanks Marian) or with her husband Paul, the 5th member of the Hair Room, (hi Paul ) and their beautiful 18month-year-old curly haired daughter Rose who will most likely be working for us soon too.
Jolene is forever encouraging us as a team and individually. She takes every idea on board.
Always learning. Always teaching.
Always there to back us up 100% in every way.
She has given us the fire in our belly's to make our salon the best